• sherlock__poems 5w


    She reflects on past and present,
    Grieves for time she wasted young,
    Looks inside her, looks at mirrors
    Despises who she has become
    Tired of living life a lemon
    Bitter rind and sour flesh,
    Can't she magic all her rotten,
    Turn it into something fresh.

    She resolves to change her future
    'morrow is a brand new day,
    Echoes of the past will act as
    Lessons that will pave her way,
    So she dives into the jungle
    A path she cuts with sharpened sword,
    It slices through the hurdles and she
    feels the victories in her blood

    Alas, that blade, with every cut
    Its edge soon dulls with use and age,
    For every hurdle has its price,
    Her story falters page by page,
    But turning back is not an option
    If she wants to break her mould,
    She wonders, is she gaining silver,
    At the price of losing gold?