• dreamyeyes15 9w

    Echoes of laughter waft through the air
    Mischief in your eyes and messy, rumpled hair.
    Busy heads in classrooms, chasing footballs on the ground,
    Racing to the canteen for break,
    Hiding tiffins from crows all around.
    Rushing through corridors, running down the stairs.
    Is it time to go to class? I'll be the first one there.
    Muffled whispers in class, the monitor would shush,
    When the teacher enters, naughty murmurs will hush.
    Looking out for cherries, climbing up the mango tree,
    Looking forward to going down when you get a period free.
    Rush to the playground, whizz down the slide,
    Friends and laughter go side by side.
    The school bell rings loudly and pierces the gloom,
    We miss you dear children as you study from home.
    So we're gathered here because we wish to say
    We love you dear students and a Happy Children's Day.