• the1taniart 10w

    I still don't love you (extraordinary).

    Let me tell you guys another story.
    Yes! Another story after about 3 months of losing my dad and now my sweet sister...how funny.
    But this is another story of glory.
    Mimi was an angel...lemme give you a brief history.
    I really don't know where to start from but I can tell you she kept a very good inventory.
    Happiness to her (even with her constant pains) was very deliberate and mandatory.
    Even with sickle cell crisis she always had a clear form of directory.
    She was a warrior with no category.
    Not looking down on people was a lesson she thought and was very compulsory.
    She was never alone and she made sure everyone smiled and laughed within her territory.
    She knew hell so well and yet allowed no one to come as close to even purgatory.
    Since 2015 she never walked straight but yet worked to own her own factory.
    Her mind was always (and I mean always) innovatory.
    She was the life of the party whether at the cinema, hospital or even the laboratory.
    If her pains were ever going to dull her moment, she took her tablets, injections and even (when necessary what she hated)...the suppository.
    Her face always spelt love, happiness, positivity and even notes that said "everything in life is momentary."
    There's a lot I didn't and couldn't say but her life was one that many will say was exploratory.

    But no matter what, Mimi...I want you to know that I still don't love you...you were the hardest thing I will say would ever be explanatory.
    Indeed, you were really extraordinary.

    - The Taniart