• manishaa 22w

    You sketched the silhouette of your fear,
    It looked like someone, whom I knew too,
    The hawks frightening you in the gloom of your midnight,
    I could sense them near and nearer to you.
    The protectant you, seemingly demolishing,
    You appear baffled, your fears all the more,
    My death though stands tall and brave,
    Snuggle the last me and discover a new metaphor.
    My soul been a virgin territory so far,
    They longed to enter and could not,
    Doors were left ajar for you,
    Step in, sleeping eyes tell a tale you ought to jot.
    Inform them too when my soul departs this bruised meat,
    Tell them to sing silence and whisper their inner roar,
    You kneel down and cover the object I,
    And watch me till I am relieved, I implore..