• aishwarya_choudhary 9w

    Our lives in numbers

    The average human spends roughly
    79 years or 28,835 days on Earth.

    Have you ever wondered how much
    sleep you get in your life
    on average? 26 years!
    Surprisingly, we also spend 7 years
    trying to get to sleep.
    So that's 33 years
    in just bed.

    What about eating? 4 years.
    That’s right.

    Whether daily grind or dream career,
    our jobs take up a lot of our time;
    13 years on average, actually.
    That’s 24% of a typical
    working period of 50 years.

    After all that hard work,
    we love catching up on
    social media & entertainment.
    We spend around 8.3 years
    (3030 days) in front of the TV & phones.

    Average life span is 79 years
    Not let's start subtracting all this
    Sleeping 26 years
    Eating 4 years
    Career 13 years
    Entertainment 8 years

    So now 28 years left of your lives.

    We spend more than half of our
    lives in just basic management.

    What’s left at the end is a precious
    amount of time for you to spend.
    Don't waste it walking around
    with a heavy heart.
    Enjoy life while you have it.
    Otherwise at the end
    you're gonna regret it.
    Make your flashback worth watching.