• _suruchi_ 5w

    I have my empire, vast and ancient. An empire, pride of every member. I also have a big joint family, where there are many youngsters. I look at them as the strength of my empire. They are my strongest pillers. And I really count on them. I do have many brothers and sisters and some are from different empire. I shelter the migrating birds too. And the forest I live in has their own green gods and goddesses.

    Well, but this is my concern. My strong pillers are becoming weak day by day. For they curse every ancient food we eat. The farland hyenas have the walking dictionaries and speaking libraries. Selectively offered to the chosen youth of my empire. And they have started elucidating this knowledge to other fellow beings. The forest gods and goddess do not exist for them. And they convince themselves to be the pillars of my ancient empire.
    The Hyenas also have some magical flavours to offer. They provide magical liquids and powders, smoke and yes, the demons to these young ones and few flexible elders that lead them to corners of dungeons or along the path in agony and pain , screeching, their voice drowning their deeds, asking sympathy from, Hyenas.
    Some are busy with conspiracy against me. I know they are already a part of my family but they happen to forget that so easily. Some chasing their mothers and sisters spoiling the youngest of all by the stories of poison and visions of hell as heaven. The python has already hypnotised few who drag others along with them.
    Where i continue with my ministry, the ministry of unconqurable tigers, wolves and eagle, there are few birds spreading news whenever we assemble.
    Alas, i am just expecting the godess of jungle to take the charge. Do some magic. Play some cards.

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