• darlingdontfret 6w

    Goodbye, I love you

    Goodbye, I love you
    Four simple words
    Goodbye, I love you
    I needed them to be heard
    All the things I wanted to say
    But I couldn't find the courage
    All the things you mean to me
    Your smile, your love, your strength
    So many memories
    Of all the good times gone
    I'll always have them with me
    In my heart you'll live on
    You asked me not to cry today
    I'll do the best I can
    I'll love and remember you the way you were
    The kindest and most honest man
    I only hope to make you proud
    Each and every day
    Now that there's nothing left to do
    Or nothing left to say
    Except those four words
    I said last to be true
    Goodbye, I love you