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    Episode 4 part 2

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    Chapter 1 Hidden truth or biggest lie? (Part 2)

    "Hope you are home..."
    Episode 4 (Part2)

    " Hey, Lara?"I asked.
    " Nick, what's up?"said Lara, the only person whom I depended upon at the times in was under stress. She had a cheerful personality. I love her.
    I don't know what she feels for me, but I just can't resist her.
    " Hey, what happened?"asked Lara.
    She understands me most of all. I trusted her even more.
    " Lost soul, what happened?"she said once again.
    " Nah much, just was a little stressed out."I replied.
    " What's bothering you?"
    " Nothing of much importance...just something irrelevant,"I said. I was feeling sad that I had to lie to her.
    She spoke," Sorry for not coming online today, was feeling too sleepy so..."
    "No need to be, it happens."
    I saw Lara. Her eyes, deep blue, matching perfectly with the moon.
    She held my hand. This was...I don't know why?
    " Hey Nick, I wanted to tell you something..."she said.
    I saw she her cheeks going pink.
    " Yeah, well go on,"I replied. I sounded as calm as I could be, but in reality my heart was just beating faster than ever.
    " I don't know if this is too early or too late, but I...I seem to have grown..."
    " Grown?"
    " I...uh...how do I explain it,"she said. She was blushing furiously.
    I understood.
    This moment I will never ever forget.
    I hugged her tightly, and said," Actually, I too...uh...Love you..."
    I saw the smile on her face. She was almost crying due to joy.
    I could see her eyes twinkling under the moonlight.
    I leaned over her, and we kissed.
    I never knew kissing also gives people heart attacks. My heart fell for her, and I didn't want to pick it up.
    I backed up," How about a date? Tomorrows Sunday right?"
    She said," Why not!"
    I dropped her home, and started to walk towards mine. ' Really too much for day...'I thought. Should I be happy or sad?
    My doubt over myself won, I got an urge to know who I really was, and if my parents won't tell that to me...it seems I will have no other choice but to...