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    Story title:fate and destiny

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    Fate and destiny

    Wait! Happy birthday Grace. You remember my birthday sis that is good. Here is your gift. Which dollar should i pick. Both are the same. Fine I pick this. Then what is the use of the other one. That is for me. Ok bye.
    Grace come on hurry up we are late to the class. Hey listen guys I need last seat. You are different grace every one prefer for a seat near window but you, you hate window seat. Atlas! I got my favourite seat. Grace is lucky today.wait it is not sure. Look is is an empty seat beside. Who would be coming? No idea jessi. First period we have practical. Fine and great. In chemistry I hate practicals. Theo that is the most important part in chemistry. I am now is a curious position. Who is going to come here? Grace calm down. Wait there is a boy and a girl remaining to come to the class.who are they. Oh that new boy and June. What june? June the one who was distrubing me in classes. Yes grace darling. Shut up Jessi. Oh that is that boy right boy. No no no not beside me please. Good. He sat beside another person. Wait what june. Now who said I am lucky?