• poonamchauhan 23w

    Yellow umbrella

    Hey, I know I am writing this bit early
    But now it's the right time to write about you fairly
    I don't know after how many exact days we're gonna meet
    I don't know where, when and on which street?
    But we will meet and that day you feel like never before
    That day gentleman, I stepped on your heart door
    That particular day you'll feel why it won't work out with anyone else
    That very day my love, your rude side will melt
    I don't know who will initiate but we end up together
    Everything that day will be like a perfect weather
    I am not perfect neither you, I will love your flaws too
    No matter what, I will always beside you
    I don't know why exactly I am writing this
    Meeting you, will going to be a bliss
    But, my love please show up I want those extra days with you
    Coz I want to become the reason for your smile, joy as you knew