• scentkeeper 10w

    Journey beyond time

    I'm alone now beacause.
    I locked my mom away..
    For three years....
    but something kept her alive..
    Idk if its love, magic, nature or some energy..
    But she's alive..
    I was found guilty..
    And to go through that same feeling and pain..
    I've been sentenced to space with heavy fuel..
    Just like I isolated her, i got isolated too.
    they said the only thing you can get..
    Is to see something beyond..
    And can't tell us about it..
    So i travelled i slept and i wished i was dead. ..
    after 1n a half year my shuttle began to turn..
    I slightly knew what it was...
    A blackhole..
    I got submersed in one..
    there was no light..
    I was feeling getting shifted like time space,I bet Elon Musk himself would wanna see that too...
    I began to get as speedily drifted and sucked in as i could..
    I knew light was the fastest,
    i thought i was racing it..
    But i began to saw blurry images smiling..
    I was trying to grab them..
    Suddenly a giant gate made of pure energy came haulting my shuttle...
    It made the shuttle n myself of floating energy, shit I was glowing..
    We entered it, i saw giant eye looking at me and beside her was an hour glass.. .
    It was looking precious than the kohinoor itself...
    Idk but i felt amazing, wish i had a camera but i was thinking my flash would be sucked in..
    I was pure energy floating, so i passed through the shuttle and came near the eye.. there was something written on the hourglass,
    "behold the...
    dimensionless eye" i thought funny, it was 3D ..
    then i heard,"you silly human its not 3D" it's my eye, i made this copying my own eye.i turned to his voive and I said ok ok then i looked beneath and i was FAKINNNNN teriffied, his feet were that long as far as i can see.he said ahhh those they touch the universe curve..i said what how long actually they are, he said universe is his blanket he is used to tuck in his feet under IT..i sighed** puzzled.. He said touch me so i can take you to The end, I touched Him and every ATOM ON MY BODY STARTED MOVING I NEVER FELT LIKE THIS ... then i bursted out...VOMITTED MY HEART N LUNGS..and now i saw myself near a river..made of dark matter he said lets dive n we dived deep just to find myself experiencing gravity, a ton of gravity.. he said you will not get used to this and we moved slowly although he was. Faster than me i moved my feet feeling heavy then there was a current not visible to me he pushed me in..i entered being properly dressed in a lab, full of dark pitch black people..speaking different languages, the stairs were only appearing when you step on them, I loved it, I was an Architect myself, I went down and a guy said take this controller n play.. I thought ok.. The game opened it's name was Ancestoral Plane.. I pressed x and the game asked me to remember my ancestor that I liked so i did and there he was my character to play with in a warrior avatar... he came close to screen and lended a hand outside the screen..i went back dropping the controller..the eye guy grabbed the controller and said take his hand you know him..so i took his hand and was taken inside the Game.. EVERYTHING WAS GREEN.. he told me promise you won't PANIC..I said okay..we are trying to create.....NEXT BIG BANG....i hesitated i asked him am i dead? He said No you Are more THAN ALIVE.. I said why should i help you...he went like if we dont start another big bang we might loose our chance to ever see the future UNIVERSES...... he just finished saying it.. and there was an explosion like a Nuclear bomb....i said wait is that? ........... he said THANKU for coming... i saw THE GAME SCREEN CLOSING.....