• zimba00 4w


    Done with the day . Volumes were really high today ..

    Also it was ammus birthday party which unfortunately I could be there.
    No worries .

    The way I wanted to make her birthday special I did it . So happy for that .

    Then yes , back to work and had to deal with high volumes and resolving tickets.
    Had a great time working.

    So tomorrow is my week off
    Happy for that , but yes I have a very important meeting scheduled tomorrow with a navy officer regarding ssb things .
    I'll try my best to clarify doubts . Also I'll try my best in ssb to reach my dream I got say the last step to my dreams.
    If possibly let's hope I make the cut.

    I don't have special ones and all to wish me all the best and.
    Here and there 4-5 friends who truly believe in me even after I failed so many times.
    Thanks for them on the very first rate . And thank you for my parents and myself for consistently teaching me how to chase my dreams.

    Go yes.
    After the meeting , I planned to spend sometime in a very awesome place a small trek to that place.
    Peaceful have my food there , it's better I pack my food along with me and a coke.
    So yes rest of the day there.

    And maybe Mouna will arrive by tomorrow.
    Then have some quality time with her.

    Ya done.
    For the day.

    See ya guys.