• 2write 6w

    Who am I

    Am I a sponge
    Who just absorbs
    All the negativities
    From my surroundings

    Am I a unique sense
    Who senses every
    Little detail of every
    Emotion out there
    Right in front of me

    Am I a math wizard
    Who combines all the
    Given negativities,
    Pairs them together
    And makes them
    Positivities for the world

    Am I an immortal being
    Who dies every moment
    The time ticks away
    Yet, somehow breathes
    And smiles everyday

    Am I a time traveler
    Who can live in the
    Past, present, and future
    Yet, I am not physically
    No where to be found

    Part of me can be here
    Part of me can be there
    Yet, whole of me is no where,
    A being shattered completely
    Among the universe.