• alyxrayn 23w

    Accept the Demise

    I use to drown my sorrows in cognac and herbal therapeutics to compress and subdue the thoughts dismay has built within me. Bitterness and displeasure seized my sympathetic soul. In memory of a smooth criminal with cruel intentions.

    The journey demised when my contemplations became reality. I had to accept certainty that my existence was being resisted. My heart suppressed by abuse and repulsion.

    A repelling force of detrimental energy. Forced separation and resistance internally. Where words were vicious, my emotions underminded. My presence ignored and battered and left to heal and dwell in a puddle of shattered dreams.

    After acceptance of losing myself, eager to find the authentic character of nature I once was, I found myself on a voyage of truth into unfamiliar territory, A place of consciousness, wisdom, understanding and knowledge.