• asa_angami 5w

    Dear Bestfriend

    Our whole encounter or so called first meet was such a dramatic experience.
    I still reminisce about it and silently laugh at that memory.
    A trip down memory lane , look at how we started and where we are now.
    To think about a life without you now leaves me in a bitter state.
    Every damsel in distress needs a knight in shining armour and you were definetely brought into my life to be the Knight.
    You were the shield against all the shards of glass thrown my way.
    When I stumble upon the pebbles on the way, you picked me up .
    The constant love and support that you have given me always, is the icing on the cake in my life.
    You are like the pure crystal water turning the haziness away when darkness seems to cloud my vision.
    The immense joy of having you in my life is immeasurable .
    As you turn a year older, may you continue to grow wisely and strongly.
    Thank you for being born and for being in my life.
    I Love You.