• aarva_ 9w

    I don’t know who started it but things changed about being best friends. Everybody is like, I don’t judge people, they have their preferences.
    Now here I am, with a guy, comfortable enough to share everything with him like I would have done with any of my other best friends but suddenly this world assumes that I friend zoned my best friend and that he has feelings for me.
    Does a guy need to have feelings to be nice to a girl? I don’t think boys are that cheap that they want it from every single girl. They have their liking and the same way I do.
    He is not interested in me and neither am I in him. We’re close because the thought of dating never crossed our minds.
    Boys, look around you, you’re not attracted to every girl, then why does the whole world assumes you to be so?
    Friendzoned isn’t a cruse on girls, it’s a cruse for boys. It’s your image that’s degrading. It’s you who’s losing value. You’re the one being looked down upon.
    Think about it. Are you best friends because you love her or do you love her she is you’re best friend. There’s a whole lot of difference in there.