• nasiyasherin 5w

    Back to normal

    I miss beaches and parks
    Downtown and bridges
    Criss crossed by green climbers
    Under the yellow warm blanket

    I miss gulping down my throat that chocolate icecream with a vanilla flavour
    I miss that hot panipuries dancing with the winds in the hot flame,seducing my nostrils to carve it like it’s the last time

    I miss running down the green lawn in granny’s barn
    I miss the meows and moos,quacks and crocks of the golden days goneby
    I miss the feel of the wet mud kissing my sole and tingling my soul
    I miss the warmth of celebration of laughters and joy
    Cry and grieve

    I miss the cuddle and sleepovers
    Under the blue mattress in freckles
    I miss the happiness of eating together in a plates with many hands digging in
    I miss everything normal
    I miss the happy facade of a sunny crowd
    My heart yearns to the day where back to normal is in rise
    When I can pick lilies and roses from the garden full of people and laughs
    And feel the energy in hugs and smiles
    Ferless of the invisible mortage