• jason24 9w


    I miss you so damn bad babe
    I wanna be with you all the time
    Sorry that the words dont rhyme
    Nd I know that ur gonna say that it's fine
    Take care of yourself properly babe
    And I'll also take care of myself here
    I miss your hugs and kisses
    These are more than just misses
    Your warm breast are replaced by my pillows
    And your body too
    And I hug them tight pretending that it's you
    But dont worry they're never gonna replace you
    I miss your smile and your funny laughs
    But more than that I miss your pampering
    Nd your Pampered kisses on my lips
    Which makes me feel like a kid
    But I love it.
    I need you here right now
    But you're so far away
    But dont worry I'll be there soon
    I'll take a ride in and be there by noon
    So just chill babe
    Nd keep ur cheeks in shape
    Coz m gonna come and pull it straight
    And m sorry for my mistakes
    It was my bad
    U became so sad
    M sorry that it had happened
    But I promise it wont happen again
    But now everything's fine
    When I close my eyes ur face shines
    Its something that's out of my vocabulary
    Nd I dont know how to explain it to you
    Coz babe even when ur angry u look so beautiful
    But I cant say that to you then
    Coz it's like going inside a lions den
    Love you so much sweety.