• colourfulgreys 11w


    W onderful creators of all bliss in this whole wide world
    O mnipresent is whose love and care at home and in hearts
    M anages to pull off the hardest tasks with her head held high
    X ebec in the tempest of societal norms maneuvering with craft and some days with tears of pain
    N ature's boon to you and me, the world is beautiful because of her.

    © Harfkaar 21-12-2020

    "Womxn" is used, particularly by intersectional feminists, to avoid perceived sexism in the standard spelling and to explicitly include or foreground transgender women and nonbinary people.

    Be period proud girls! Also know that many trans females might never bleed and bear kids. Many trans males bleed.

    So your and my femininity is not because of periods and our child bearing capabilities. It's because you feel like a woman.

    Don't judge by looks but see what a person wants to be seen as. Bleeding or not, we are what we are: Womxn and Proud.

    BG. My idol Trinetra haldar gummaraju. She's fire.


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