• redsunset 6w


    The day we escaped to our secret paradise,
    Hidden in the sand was the lost in your eyes
    Replaced by the waves was how you smiled
    I will always remember in that isle.

    I found my lost pieces by you breaking free
    Gentle soul crashing to the ripples of the sea
    You being you, in every shell, in every sand,
    Floating and flying with you in my hand.

    Dream my love, let go of all your anchors
    Catch the horizons of your every core
    Take the long, narrow-detoured roadways
    May it lead you to where your boat stays.

    I am your boat, your compass, your lighthouse
    In your ocean, as deep as its depths allow
    Yet you are my sun, my ocean, my paradise
    Swim me back to the smile in your eyes.

    -Alfred A. De Vera