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    ‍⚕ Save doctors ‍⚕

    I don't understand what is really happening to a few undereducated people of this great world we live in who want to control everything by themselves. Their faulty assumptions and false knowledge is leading them into situations which they aren't supposed to be, at all. If attacking doctors and beating them up WHO simply aim at applying their years of training, blood and sweat upon a patient's life is what they want to do then what actually makes them trust a doctor in the first place? This is no justice to live in a constant fear of being beaten to death if you aren't already able to fulfill your patient's family's expectations. It is clearly understandable that despite every possible effort, not every patient can saved because honestly they are doctors and not gods. A safe working environment for millions of us that will be doctors tomorrow as they wish to do good is the LEAST that our doctors can be provided. But unfortunately, they aren't allowed to even treat patients freely. Their lives are taken for granted and their noble profession is at stake. Who is monster responsible for all of this, really?