• mara_pain 9w


    In my eyes he's always been strong
    In my eyes he was never wrong
    He's always been my hero
    After my dad growing up he was second best
    I never saw tears in his eyes
    I never saw his pain
    I never saw him broken
    Not until he met you

    You broke him sis
    You took away his reason to live
    My bro loved you
    He adored you
    Girl in his eyes you were perfect
    He never compared you with anyone
    I wish you saw the glow in his eyes
    Each time he spoke about you
    "My wife" that's what he'd call you
    "My life" that's what he'd always say
    "My everything" that was how he called you
    You were his all
    Each time you were not okay
    He too wasn't
    When you were sick
    It's like he felt the pain more than you did
    He worshipped the ground you stepped on
    To him you were his empress
    He did everything to impress you

    But you didn't see
    You didn't appreciate
    You didn't girl
    To you he meant nothing
    Yes I know
    Your best friend told me
    You were after the cash
    Not caring how much he was crushed
    He didn't have much
    But he made you sure you had enough
    Took you out for dates
    In these expensive classic clubs
    Your birthdays were always celebrated
    In five star hotels
    You wore the most expensive clothes
    The most expensive jewelry
    Vacations in the coast at times in dubai
    But you didn't care to know
    Where he got it all

    That humble God fearing man
    Changed for you
    You demanded for too much
    You asked for a lot
    That he became a drug dealer
    So that you wouldn't leave him
    He needed that cash quick
    Just for you
    You girl
    But to you it was never enough

    You left him
    You cheated on him with our uncle
    How do you even sleep at night
    How do you even feel alright
    Knowing the injustice you did to my bro
    The pain you caused him
    He'd cry his eyes out every day
    He'd refuse to eat anything
    He wanted to see no one
    Not even me his baby sister
    It hurts me so much
    Knowing that all this was because
    Of an ungrateful woman
    What do you women even want?

    That strong man I once knew
    Was reduced to nothing
    He became a drug addict
    He became suicidal
    Saw no meaning to life
    I watched my bro hurt him self
    I watched him giving up on everything
    I watched him begging for death
    I watched him broken beyond repair
    Shattered and torned
    He was a mess
    All thanks to you

    Then one day he smiled
    I was so happy to see him all cleaned up
    He took me to the mall
    We talked and laughed at everything
    That day I was like I finally got my bro back
    Little did I know that he was saying goodbye
    Little did I know that
    That was the last day I'd see my bro
    Little did I know I'd go to his place
    The following day to find him on the floor
    I watched him die
    Even in his last minutes he thought about you
    He took his last breath in my arms
    And I couldn't do anything
    He left me a letter
    A suicidal note
    That I made sure I read it during his burial
    So that everyone would know what you did

    To the woman who broke
    My brother's heart
    I hope you are happy now
    Now that you finally killed him
    Now that you took away my joy
    Now that you broke me too
    Life is a series of pain.