• ___z___ 10w


    Hate disgust and insecurities totally independent feeling. Not in control in the whims of even the mightiest crack the beings but I use them. Rephrase learning to use them as tools this become nothing more than the Swords Shield and Guns in the realm of the unprecedented Evil nature of all feelings not to say I am or I was like this from the brief start of my consciousness but neither has the world and its astronomical level of humour on the subject of suffering made made me this. I from the beneathless bottom of my own laughable Psych have chose to become like this I use words not to satisfy the goddess grammar but to test if the difference of a real nobody will put to the test the million years evolution of human psychic. The use of feelings as nothing more than the mere tools that I mentioned, is not to control the emotions of other for the mere misuse of my muse but rather to create my own Reality that I want to reside in.