• barkha99 46w

    Cascade of stars

    Forget me like a dream
    Embrace the wildfire
    And pity the burning dawn;
    Do not stop until you
    Reach the sky. Pluck the stars
    While I'll dream of the day
    For you to rise on.
    Call me moon, paint me white
    Leave me in the woods
    In the darkest of nights.
    I'll be lost; no more;
    I'll find my way back,
    To the house of memories
    Where your words stuck
    Hanging on the walls
    And I'll warm myself, with your
    Year old poetries.
    Burning off the shore.

    But my love, do me a favour;
    When I die.
    Bury me under the stars.
    While you pluck them one by one
    I'll lie naked infront of you.
    My heart may not beat,
    Neither will I speak,
    But you won't taste solitude.
    Like I did.
    As I know, by then,
    Ground will be too far.