• piyu27 30w


    Fate , Fate , Fate.
    Mostly Everything and Everyone
    Depends upon Fate !!!
    Who the hell knows what is gonna Happen
    In the next Moment !!!
    Anything can happen Anywhere!!

    Fate, Fate ,Fate.
    Forget others ,
    We do not even know if our lifeline
    is gonna End in the upcoming Moment !!!!
    We don't even know whether in what condition we would be there in the
    Very next Moment !!!

    Fate , Fate , Fate
    How helpless we are !!!
    We can do Nothing !!!
    Except just Waiting for the next Moment..
    I believe that besides faith ,
    Many other things Matter !
    But the FATE is the Ruler of our Life !!!!

    Fate , Fate ,Fate.
    All we could do is Just WAIT & WATCH !!!
    Some people refuse blaming Fate...
    According to them ,
    We ourself are the writers of our Fate...
    But that is the Most Dramatic saying that
    I have ever heard!!