• shivanijaiswal 4w

    A lost best friend

    I find you here and there
    I find you in dreams too
    Are you no more?
    Is it worthless to effort?
    Can't you come back
    Just like old days
    We fight and settle down.

    I find you here and there
    I wish i could explain
    I wish you could trust
    Scarce are rare on my soul
    You gave me the new one
    Is it cool for you now?
    If not then what more can i do?
    To cool down every inch of your anger?

    I find you here and there
    Seems you are enjyoing it
    People change but not my best friend
    I think this was rumor about you
    You do change
    Hope the change brings goodness for us...

    I find you here and there
    I miss you and the bad thing
    I can't do anything about it
    Close your eyes I am there
    Yes! Right there!
    I know you miss me too
    But I am in you now
    Find me there only
    'Cause it feel like
    Our friendship is over now
    I am moving on just like you did!
    Just a gentle reminder
    I love you too! (I find you nowhere)