• rhythmdiva 22w

    ## soulfrnd

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    My bestie

    You came like a guiding star in my life

    with whom my days were glorious and bright,

    you were the  one i most admire,

    with lots of love in my heart and endless desires.

    My hapiness,my sorrow all u shared

    my success my dreams about all u cared

    we cried together,we laughed together

    with u,really......things were always better.

    Though we are apart today

    nothing left between us to say, BUT

    i will never wafe u off with a good bye

    whenever u will need me i will b by ur side.

    People often ask me who is he or she?

    and i just smile and say....

    whenever i was locked in probs 

    he only had the key 

    he is MY Best friend,  "MY BESTIE"....