• insidescoop 10w

    Just write Wednesday

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    There was a time I didn't know how to say no, oh what a sad time that was for me.. everyone else reaped the benefits of my selflessness, but don't get me wrong... I did so too. In the events of my selflessness making everyone happy, I was loving the smiles on their faces when they got a yes instead of a no like they were used to and it made me want to say yes even more. I got addicted to saying yes even if it meant not seeing my family for a few days and I said yes even if it meant I couldn't do what i originally planned to do, I even said yes when no was what I needed to say... I said yes because i loved it but that feeling ended up dying, it died when I needed a yes and I got a no. Being the person that I am, I still say yes! but only to those who deserve it. To the ones that say yes to me! The ones that have been there for me! I am here for a reason and I don't know how long I will be here for so I can not waste my time or energy on people who dont love me like I love them.