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    A day after independence day!

    Today is the day,
    We shall colour ourselves in Trinity,
    Symbolising unity.
    We shall sing a chorus.
    What if we have different tunes,
    We shall still hear the same song.
    The song of nationalism,
    The song to prove.

    But while we shall sing,
    A brother in a riot ridden city,
    Will not receive to eat a thing.
    An oldman in the countryside,
    Whose farm was ruined when insects attacked,
    Would still cry and chide.
    Many are still homeless,
    When the disasters' havoc was reckless.
    Scattered, shattered and deprived of rights.
    A student in curfew,
    Can't even study as you do.

    Today we celebrate our independence,
    Sharing nationalist thoughts,
    Singing and rejoicing.
    And Paying homage to those heroes.

    But what about tomorrow?
    And the day after that?

    Tomorrow everything shall reset,
    People back at work,
    Busy enough that nobody would care.
    But things shall still remain the same.
    A day to celebrate won't hide the existing agony and pain.

    I love my country,
    And I'm proud of its independence.
    But the fact shouldn't be put into negligence,
    That independence isn't just this day.
    It's the whole life we have lived,
    And will be living for the rest.

    So why limit the feeling till today!
    Tomorrow is a more special day,
    A day to promise, how promising to the nation you can be.
    Because the constitution is still alive.
    Eleven duties for all Indians,
    Abiding by the constitution and flag,
    Protecting our sovereignty shouldn't be left behind to lag.
    Salute those heroes,
    The ones at the border,
    Or the ones helping the poor.

    We wish each other a "HAPPY" independence day,
    To make it a reality,
    We shall make one more promise,
    To protect its integrity,
    To protect the people and the rights at the authority.
    We shall raise our voices
    United we shall stand.
    Letting nobody be a threat to this liberty in our hands.

    This independence day,
    That provides us the liberty,
    We shall live it our whole lives,
    Not just a single day.
    -Bidisha Maharana

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