• saira__g 10w

    you are still there in my path--

    There are so many of us who don't believe in god and i can also say that now i do not do worship and all (don't know whether i am atheist or not?)but yesterday i felt one thing that I still do believe in something.That yess there is some super natural powers still with us whom we can trust more than humans , and I know that our all the wishes and dreams are not fulfil but still when no hope is left , noone is there.We wait for happening of some miracle, like in yesterday match many of atheist was waithing for some miracle indirectly ,But i am confuse that there God still there in my path? and if yes,then why i can't believe on them like i did or i still believe.I am confuse?
    Many of us don't know whether they are theist or atheist? Many of us believe in super natural powers but don't want to give that a label of "GOD" and that's OKAY...
    But yes someone is still there in my path,who is my last hope everytime (when no option is there)..I want to believe in that again like do but don't want to blindly depend on them(that was my mistake).