• pranav7995 10w

    Kitchen Feast

    You were in the kitchen making dinner but I had some other plans for dinner . The day hasn't been that great day for me but after seeing you I took the liberty of having a bit calories burning snack.

    I was moving towards you & you had no clue about my intentions and I was curious to know how would you take it. I was in no rush as I wanted to end my day as per my plan. So I thought what should be my first move, a small peck on your cheek to let you ease up. I did that & it made felt good.

    So now it was time to let you give a hint of my intentions and prepare you to what's gonna happen. I wrapped my hands on your waist and let my fingers have a bit of play.

    My hands had roller coaster ride sometime they slipped into valley, sometimes they were all up, they liked what they were holding onto & for the valley they wanted more deep inside.
    A bit late but neck kisses are always special and love bites will add up the notch. What do you say ?

    Now I could feel you have started moving your hands to that to in the right direction, is it because you feel my hard muscle is feeling left alone.

    The things have started to heat up & our bodies could use some extra spices. Your hands are doing quite a good job but I think it's time you should start using your tongue and add a new flavour to your taste buds.
    You started opening my shirt buttons and let your lips justify their authority with some red lipstick marks.

    As your were slowly going down my hands started playing with your hair, sorry if I haven't complimented you for your hair they are so soft & silky.

    You filled your mouth with my hard muscle, you let it go all in "choked" I am impressed with your skills& specially your tongue movement gave me shivers.
    But know I think it's time we pace up, but I seek your approval & with the things going I think I have it. We got laid on the kitchen floor, it was cold but our bodies were warming up to burn some calories. Eventually we will eat what you made but for now I wanted to open your legs and let my fingers massage your tight lips. I could see you were wet & I wanted to have a taste of it but before that i am gonna tease you with my hard muscle & see you crave for it.

    I started eating you and you started moaning, playing with my hair, grabbed my hands and let them squeeze those two jigglers. I would love to give you a love bite on those two.

    Now my hard muscle was getting out of control & I was in no mood to control it either anymore, so I put it inside the valley, things could get wild now, you won't mind either after some slow play, i started to stroke you and with every stroke I could see you wanted more and more of it, I was in no mood to back either after the things went on between us.

    We were doing everything we could do possible the bites , the kisses, holding each other like we were prey for each other and somehow we decided to let things come to end but not before we penetrate each other.