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    Explaination: So lastly I've been thinking a lot about these kind of Fantasy novels where the main character comes into another world, fights a war, saves the whole thing and gets back home (e.g. Alice in Wonderland, Narnia etc.). And that kind of annoys me, because yeah, sure, the world you lived in was your home, with parents and friends and stuff, but you've also made friends in this other world. And that world has magic! I wouldn't want to go home.

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    End of Fantasy

    "Thank you", the King said. "You killed the monster and won the war. You saved this world, my people. And because of this, I'll let you go home into your world now." "But I don't want to-" The hero hadn't had the chance to say much more. The King's spell gripped him tight and hurled him out of this world until he was back in his children's room from where he left all those years ago at age thirteen. A peek on his calendar made his heart skip a beat: Not a single day, even a single hour had passed since he left. He hushed into his bathroom to look into the mirror where he met his thirteen-year-old self staring back at him. Without the scar that had parted his brow and had drawn it's way through his face to show everyone the battle he had won. He was back to being who he was before he had left this world. He was back home, but it didn't feel like his home anymore.