• anvi_gottlieb 31w

    Silhouettes That Speak

    Take a stroll down the past ,
    And will be an aura that'll last .
    Shadows that speak ,
    And silhouettes that speak.

    As the night grows colder and obscene ,
    Enough to run a chill down your spine ,
    On the leaves you'll find dew-drops that sleep ,
    And silhouettes that speak.

    The night takes a satanic outfit ,
    And as the claustrophobia on the clouds sit ,
    You'll find a laughter piercing the silence of the air ,
    And those silhouettes with their usual flair.

    The encounter with darkness ,
    The trepidated madness ,
    The vigour of the wind that's bleak ,
    And the silhouettes that speak.

    The thrills inexperienced ,
    The thunder beating upon the windows ,
    The composure that drastically dwindled ,
    And the ages immortal.

    Those silhouettes speak too long ,
    But that's only to seize the time ,
    To leave the dead only under the moon's inspection ,
    Afterall , those silhouettes aren't human creation.