• untamedink 22w


    I thought I heard you say,
    That you'd forever stay
    So tell me now,
    How you want tomorrow to come,
    When you've gone a thousand miles away.

    Everybody needs time away;
    Alone, far away they say
    Even love needs a holiday;
    Far away, they say,
    But I can't listen to them,
    I don't want us miles away.

    For you and I,
    Together we can grow wings,
    And like the eagles,
    Soar high across the skies;
    Far away from the world.

    You and I,
    We don't belong apart,
    But in each other's arms
    It's where we can stay,
    Undisturbed like forever sleeping rocks
    Till the endless flowing time.

    You and I,
    Let them say we're crazy,
    What do they know?

    Don't go away,
    Or whisper a Goodbye
    It's hard to see you go
    Don't leave now,
    It's sad to see you leave,
    For the days and nights are blue,
    And empty when you are gone.