• angelrachel 5w

    The Forbidden Fruit

    He looked so precious in my sight.
    The moment I saw him,
    I thought he was mine.
    But little did I know that
    I was wrong.

    Little did I know,
    That he was my next mistake.

    He promised me with the everlasting sweetness,
    But little did I know,
    That someday it's gonna taste bitter,
    And this was going to intoxicate me.

    And here I stand, Witnessing my forbidden fruit
    Filled with regret and tears.

    I've been told that "time will heal everything",
    But can time help me forget?
    They insist that I move on,
    Because there is a life ahead for me.

    But here I stand stuck in time,
    Because I gave every last piece of me,
    To the one who I thought was my life.

    You will be my forbidden fruit,
    With the sweetness I can never forget,
    And I would never want to taste.

    Mistakes shall continue to be made.
    If mistakes all are afraid to be named,
    Then who is at fault, who is to blame?