• gayathri_jayakumar 5w

    Heart yearns to reverse each stride and walk backwards,
    Gazing again at what was passed
    To stop long at points the soul wanted to pause
    And watch the sun traverse its ethereal lanes.
    To comply swift to the pull of the Earth
    And drop hard onto the welcoming ground,
    Let myself root deep into the earth that I truly belong to.
    To breathe in the sky and close my eyes to the wind,
    And drown and float and drown again
    In the loud, yet wilfully ignored cacophony of Earth.
    To feel the grinding movement of the cosmos
    And sink into the viscousy fabric of time
    To stop long at the moments i longed to pause once, and remain forever suspended
    Drenched in the colours of memory and feel alive and light once again
    And stay the strides that took me forward once
    When i truly wanted to pause,
    And free the shoulders off burdens and concerns
    That once willed me to take each step forward
    And once again meaninglessly walk into the gruelling monotony of existence.
    To step back once again into those pockets in time
    When existence was outweighed by the need
    To simply pause and observe and feel alive
    To feel life and the living that flitted around
    In little chirps and soft flutters and rays of light and rivulets.
    To surrender and wait for and watch again
    All that which the mind ever urges to pass by.