• yangvie 5w

    On a rainy day.

    I held my umbrella to avoid the pouring drops.
    Still, I could feel the droplets across my face.
    I wiped it off with my handkerchief.
    Still, it wet my face again.
    As I was walking across the road,
    A car came by and splashed the fallen drops,
    Here, I was drenched again.
    I hopped over a tiny pool, only to land on a flowing drain, here I was wet again.
    Patiently, now I walked again,
    tiptoeing carefully on the rain.
    Suddenly the rain changed its course,
    now it was hitting me with force.
    I had now no clues left ahead.
    So I thought lets enjoy the pouring rain.
    Now I closed my umbrella to feel the droplets on my face.
    The irony, you see lies here...
    The rain had stopped falling again.