• mana_poetbitz1 5w

    A twisted love

    Impurities of the spirit
    Darkened by spaces of infirmity
    Yet I speak for my heart
    For it has no voice like the summer breeze
    I am but nothing without this dark cloud
    It is the third eye that sees my misery
    The magic of struggles leased in your love
    Freedom of my space is not guaranteed
    I seek clarity with a vengeance
    But why is my vengeance venereal
    The exquisite depths of pain
    I define myself in the ontology of your existence
    Infinity affirms my need
    An existentialist hunger for your presence
    Impressive in my stupidity
    The sacred and the mundane
    Twisted in a web of ecstasy and confusion
    Ultimately it is your heart that deceives you
    And few can say they truly loved
    For what is love without self sacrifice?
    Will you walk to ends of the earth for me?
    Because love without works is nothing but air