• nanika1219 10w

    Someone's Soul

    Once upon a time⏳
    Somewhere in the nowhere
    There was someone's soul
    Knowing nothing
    Having nothing
    Living for nothing like a fool
    People come and go
    Some stay but not for so long Though
    Some were nice some the cruelest at all
    They laughed they cried
    They lived they died
    Like seasons everything is changing
    Like seasons everything is repeating
    Faces and shapes May differs
    But it remains always its same ways
    And every time the someone's soul
    Standing alone there watching like a fool
    One day when everyone left And no one stay
    That soul looked away
    High in sky and say
    How nice is this sky
    Full of hope so bright
    So warm full of light
    I wonder if I try
    May I get that high
    The soul laughed in disbelief
    Looked, no one heard what a relief
    The soul amazed by the warm between the stars and the moon
    Walked every way founded to find alike-warm home
    Years passed ⌛tired the soul founded
    Everywhere the soul searched
    But no home was founded
    It was that the moment
    When the soul realized
    That there no home for her in this world
    The soul smiled and she knows that she has to end it⚰
    And so she did.

    Happy ending.