• firojktimalsina 9w

    Sonnet 13
    Summer Grief

    Sweet summer days will pass soon and again
    winter will be back. Maple copse will shed their leaves
    leaving a pallid texture around. That pain
    you'll feel behind gasconade. Holy grief!

    You'll get used to winter again cold and numb
    Higgledy-piggledy rushing into our own path
    Your neoteric emotional hearing will go dumb
    you'll hate summer and he shall face thee wrath.

    Maple leaves will grow again, and you shall
    Be coquette again, hypocorism will be used
    He'll be yours again but you'll never be his gal.
    You're broken, amused but he's freely excused.

    Summer and love were never for you my pal
    Thou deeds led you just to be abused.

    ©Firoj K. Timalsina