• patienceiribagiza 5w

    Women and girls are labeled, called what they are not just because they are women.

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    I was born the first born
    Everyone gave me that love
    As the only child to exist
    Grew up passionate about life
    With alot of dreams to achieve
    I was a happy soul

    It was never too late to be labeled
    Boys started telling me I am weak
    And as I grew older
    Men started harassing me for less
    Women started calling me messy
    And fellow girls said I was dumb
    Just because they never believed me

    The dumb ass girl
    They always whispered
    The badass always mocked at
    They knew I settled for dense
    Just because they didn't believe in me
    When I am a Goddess

    Raised hard
    Masked the woman I was
    Just to be like the rest
    Cause that's the society I lived in
    Where a woman was always labeled

    I don't want to ruin the built
    The best in keeping quiet
    But it's time we unmask the masked