• tulipxx 10w

    People no longer care about what personal time is again, everyone wants you to be there for them, everyone wants you to reply their text on time, long phone calls and whatever. I'm here to tell you that I won't be doing this anymore, especially if my mood doesn't agree with it. I won't do jack, don't call me, I'm not desperate, I'm not looking for company, I enjoy my own company.
    Especially when it comes to the new men in my life, how they want me to talk them to sleep because they are bored, lmao, I won't be doing this again! I've done it before it isn't productive. So adios to that particular part of me. If you are bored get a hobby or read a goddamn book regardless of your gender. I won't babysit any grown ass human again!!! Get a nanny for yourself.
    And as for those that are here to make my life difficult, welcome to mami, I'm a crazy ass woman, ready for war.