• hitler_writings 9w

    Yes , we all are one, we are independent
    If this is the case, We should have no rich and poor differences
    Nobody is an owner nobody is a servant? , no caste differences ? no gender disparities ? WE ARE ALL ONE??
    Well, I go out I come across many people on road some are disabled some are deceased , some are healthy but still they beg... In the plight of sympathy don't help evryone help the who are unable to work , who are old (Just a suggestion )
    Why are we encouraging this ??
    We have many desires ,we want many things in our lives.. becoz human wants are unlimited!!!
    But just observe the condition of those who can't afford to study but work to support their family..
    We should be happy or atleast try to be..!!
    We blame our parents for even tiny things but just think about the sacrifices they are making to keep us happy
    We all have problems, we all have our own issues but try not to mess it up , just overcome
    Here, no one is born good nor born bad, our situations has its own stake in Turning us good or bad.. The one who did bad to others did something good to someone in some other time ..
    Don't regret about ur past , Live the moment !!
    We have only one life keep loving and keep helping ..
    Arey yaar!! Zindagi Na milegi dubara
    So Stay cool stay happy..!!