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    Sometimes, life shake us so hard
    That we find it impossible to overcome it,
    It seems like we are not going to get up again.
    When we go through painful events,
    We find it difficult to control our emotions,
    There is a huge difference in our thought process and negativity starts taking control on our mind.
    It need a lot of strength, it's a way more than what we think by just reading it but you know, but we grow through that pain if we accept it.

    Pain is important, although it troubles you
    Emotionally and psysichologically it also make us
    more aware, it's not suffering but it teaches us to remove the misery. Pain is inevitable though, every human is going to experience it at some or the other time but how much you want to suffer through it is in your hands, suffering is optional. In the end, both pain and suffering are a part of life but it can be controlled if we deal with it properly.

    Being afraid of pain is also a kind of pain. It restrict us from taking a risks cause we fear it's going to hurt us and we don't want to go through it cause we feel we are not prepared for it. We suffer when we fear because this is inability to accept reality and continue with something that we are not happy with.

    Pain will teach you,
    The beauty of healing,
    When you will,
    Grow through the pain
    That is part of you.

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    You will grow through pain
    For the dreams
    That will complete you.