• therafflesia 5w


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    I killed me

    I'm a lost girl stumbled upon a field of wild flowers with esthetic petals and bizarre stems.
    It was the scatheless place I'd ever been; a familiar scenery.
    Memories flows like river on my head while I crumple my dress's hem.
    It was a gloomy Sunday as I wandered the unending field melancholy.

    I've been looking for something missing and something that should be found.
    As I continued my journey, I heard blithesome laughters.
    There she is looking carefree and innocent, the old me; we were once bound.
    "You're not happy, you stopped smiling." she said and turned around, gave me a smile that I remember.

    "Oh, how I wish I could be just like you again." I whispered.
    She frowned, "Your inimical thoughts killed me."
    Tears run down my face like rain in my windowpane of what I heard.
    I will never be the same; I killed me.