• heartwarming 5w

    How I should be felt when
    I get intimate with the person I love
    who don't love me back..

    And you know what I was happy
    because at that moment
    he was mine..
    May be you are thinking
    That how I could be so selfish
    And I don't know why..
    I can't control my feelings
    I could hear my heartbeat
    It starts beating so fast.
    I loose control over myself
    I wanted him to touch me more
    I wanted him to love me more
    I wanted him to feel my skin
    Deep down ..
    I wanted his hands to visit all
    Around me
    And his eyes to stare only me..
    His eyes are so sexy so his hands are.
    And he smells so erotic
    I want those feelings to be
    With me forever and ever...
    It is the love that never starts
    and never ends forever

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