• izzyball 4w

    Black is the Night

    Black is the night
    T'is might that makes right
    City's under seige tonight
    Never again to see the light

    The land is ravaged
    The towns pillaged
    No respite envisaged
    They've made it here
    The city we hold dear
    It's end is near

    Black is the night
    Moonless is the night
    Only shivers of fright tonight
    T'is Tisha B'Av tonight

    The stomachs growl
    The stench is foul
    Only singer is a lonely owl
    The temple is burning
    Incense and bodies are burning
    Our nation is burning

    Black is the night
    Woe to us this night
    The prophets were right
    What is wrong is not right

    The Holy City is captured
    The king is captured
    His eyes from his face raptured
    People carted off to a distant land
    Guided by a heavy hand
    Babylon ain't no Promised Land

    Black is the night
    Jacob is not pitied tonight
    Not pitied tonight
    Black is the night

    Lo ruhamah, lo ruhamah!, LO RUHAMAH!
    Shouted a walking carcass at me
    His crazed look frightening me
    Summer has passed and we are not saved
    We, are not saved

    Black is the night
    Our leader is blind tonight
    Our Lord is silent tonight
    Black is the night

    Zedekiah damn your eyes!
    Did you not listen when Jeremiah said to open them!
    How could you have been so blind!
    Now your sons and mine are dead!
    All because you were blind
    But I bet you can see clearly now

    Black is the night
    Black is the night
    Black is the night!