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    This post is from a real life experience of mine which happened today, i wasn't going to write a topic about this as i though it was stupid but im going to post it, guess what happened today i know its stupid but the stupidest the better dont you think?

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    It was a dream come true
    A glittery jem sparking its way through my complexion on my face
    Levelling out the glows on my face with a speck of the showering shine on one side of my nose
    Peiced with a piecing gun so its permanently there
    Visible to me and the rest
    Now my beauty shone through the other side of the world
    With a sharp rise in the morning rays while i walk and the sun lost within my gleaming pink gem
    It was alive
    Still talking about the amount it glimmers when the sun directly hits it when magic
    Making me reinforce into something beyond alluring while the pain oozed with a touching of the cold cream
    Pain which is worth it
    Funny thing is i skipped breakfast so when i walked out i felt dizzy as if i had an injection
    Don't judge me im weak
    After a while i was all good and i was my dream was accomplished finally after months of waiting under a tunnel of darkness

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    It was aa dream come true