• dipanjan_b 9w

    Misty Love

    Perhaps a hazy picture there,
    Right on that wall.
    Brought me tons of broken air,
    A trembling needy call.

    After years of peaceful dust,
    The door was opened again.
    Undisturbed thoughts in rust,
    Have sprinkled showers of rain.

    She was Winnie, my beloved wife,
    A dense vibe of love.
    In all these years my lonesome life,
    Has made me a lazy dove.

    The day when in college, I saw
    Those mazarine pair of eyes.
    I was lost in waves of raw
    Desires, that came in mere disguise.

    Her words are still so green in me,
    Still a vibrant dream.
    Years of dust has set me free
    From fancy youthful whims.

    The viscous holds of memory web,
    Pulls me beyond the frame.
    My beloved one is in her grave,
    My heart has caged her name.