• themarchhare 47w


    Even if I show you all my scars
    I’ll still force myself to smile like stars
    I made myself go through all the pain
    Am I really happy? Well think again

    I’m in a battlefield with my thoughts
    All my happy memories are a loss
    All that I ask for in this madness
    Is to live a day without my sadness

    All my truths are strictly forbidden
    And my depression will stay well hidden
    It’s not that I want to be a fake
    But telling my problem is a mistake

    My mind is a terrifying place
    But you can’t tell all because of my face
    My mysteries you can’t uncover
    Because I’m trying hard to recover

    I don’t have any medication
    I have to be the doctor and patient
    I can’t go out in such a bad state
    If my mask slips off, I’ll accept my fate

    I try to be myself like before
    But I don’t know who I am anymore
    I’m a complete stranger to myself
    “I want to be me, not somebody else!”

    I want to tell people who feels the same
    "It’s nobody’s fault, it’s the world to blame"
    Everyone is facing their own fight
    Suffering at day, and also at night

    So to people who’s reading this now
    There’s always light at the end somehow
    Yes, this writer is writing to you
    That you still have the chance to start anew